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Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
glad that we had the obama's and romney is and all the rest of them. and also i'm not always in favor of it. you see, we have been married this summer 50 years. and we have been a team for 50 years. [applause] >> the decision was 100% beginning with me. and of course she shared my view. and people say well, you know, she'd marry me when i'm the chairman. she married me when i was a young captain heading off to vietnam for years, leaving her behind. we are very close to serve? >> there is another part of the book says the best thing about being disappointed if you get over it. [laughter] >> thank you. >> was different? do you think that educators should allow more choice among the young [inaudible question] >> this is a fascinating question we could spend an hour on. must public-school education, that's what you are suggesting. i know that's what you're suggesting. [laughter] >> okay. one of the things that i have found, and i only took over this in recent years. i have gone over certain things. in high school i was exposed to stuff the bored me to death at the time. thirty or for 40
Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
. [applause] >> on c-span2, jane harman and president obama's defense department who heads the cia. and those facing foreclosure. and later, the fiscal cliff deal. >> i enjoy the capitol hill coverage because i started there many decades ago. there are certain committee hearings that are very informative to the public. i like the way that c-span covers and in the way that they present themselves. in his commentary, but not edited out. it gives a real sense to the american people. >> c-span is created by america's cable company in 1979. yesterday, president obama nominated john brennan had the cia. and a discussion took place with chuck hagel and jane harman. >> we are with jane harman, who is now with us. she served on the intelligence committee from 2006 to 2007. let's begin with the pick of john brennan. what does this entail? >> guest: he has been the center of obama's intelligence committee for four years now. he has managed the terrorism program quite well. and he is the gentleman that obama trust the most. i think it is an extremely good appointment. >> host: what does the job entail? >
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
. the obama administration works from targeting unauthorized individuals to targeting employers since january of 2009, there are more than 8000 employers. it imposed about $88 million and a very significant departure from the past. there has been an increased effort in the labor enforcement we all know that it is all part of our enforcement system. therefore the department of labor has gone into more targeted enforcement on the books where there may be the department of labor has been increasing. i think of ice at the 19th 86 time was a philosophical time, i think students 50 years from now would definitely agree that it would be immigration history. it was a before christ and after christ moment. many know that congress decided to enact authorized immigrants and especially those in history. and it is an extraordinary unprecedented part of the criminal justice system. clearly unprecedented in history, i would also like to say it is unprecedented in any enforcement regime. i have summarized those that have been led with the trend, which we have also talked about. we used to make civil violatio
Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
, it is constantly changing all of their response. and then we have president obama grab a bringing the debate to share the responsibility of ownership are just natural movement, which we need to share. that it hoped the same message we will be able to convey because the american people, individually need to hear that they have been saving lives of millions of people we are making effort to share the burden with other countries now. >> peter. >> on the same lines, i would save taxpayers money has saved millions of lives and has also, i think, improved american image in the world to a large extent. decreasing that effort now is not only going to cost millions of lives because people will die, but also i think would be from a good and smart foreign policy. now let's see how our friend, the biggest problem at the conference may be how do american aids activists going to handle that. that is i think the biggest challenge. >> it is a good note to take questions from the audience. i ask that you raise your hand and wait until the microphone reaches you and be sure to identify yourself and give us a
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
real change in keeping haiti a priority. it is a priority of the obama administration and he was reelected, number one. number two, half of all american families gave money for haiti after the earthquake. every town in america has said the group to work down there and it seemed the challenges in haiti and have an appreciation for them and are supportive of our health. this broad bipartisan support in the congress for haiti over the years. so while sort of secretary clinton and some of her ease have been passionate about haiti, i think that will continue. you'll still be stuck with me, but the way, for a while. [laughter] >> any other comments or questions? okay, one of her daring than i will turn it over to blair for concluding remarks. >> thank you. match. just a question, in lot of emphasis not only in reports about eight to haiti and some the failures and assistance to other countries really emphasize the deficit of local knowledge on the part of international americans who go there to help with the best of intentions. so it's very difficult to practice local ownership of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5